Hate Exercising? Here are 5 Ideas to Turn Your Mindset Around.

Written By Robbie Peters

1 Sep, 2021

Regular exercise has so many health benefits associated with it, more people should do it. Reduced risk of cancers, longer life span, lower blood pressure and an enhanced mood are just a few of its benefits. But if your mindset on exercising is it should be something you do instead of something you want and look forward to doing, then you most likely will fail and not enjoy the benefits enjoyed by those having a positive mindset.

So here are 5 ideas you can use establish a positive exercise mindset:

Set realistic goals

Many new to exercising set out with lofty goals – run 3 miles the first day. The next day they are sore and eventually give it up as something they can’t do. If that same person would have set a smaller more realistic goal, maybe a 30 to 45 minute walk the first day, and then increase it by 10 minutes per day with an eventual goal of running 3 miles per day, they would get into the habit of exercising and actually look forward to it.

Get a fitness partner

Exercising with a partner or friend increases your accountability to each other, thus making it less likely that either one of you will cancel a workout. You don’t want to let your friend down nor does s/he want to let you down, so both of you exercise together whether you feel like it or not. Please give you someone to talk to while exercising.

Do something cardio

Weight lifting or strength training can get boring. While it is a necessary part of exercising and should be in your exercise program, concentrate on doing cardio activities. Whether you choose running, cycling, walking, swimming or tennis, you always have options to add some variety to your workout to keep from getting bored. Plus, varying the type of cardio you do also works different muscles or the same muscles differently.

Eat healthy

The second half of the equation to getting fit and healthy is to eat properly. Keep in mind you can’t out exercise a bad diet.  Concentrate on eating whole grain, lean meats and fish, and fresh vegetables and fruits. If you are concerned if you are getting the proper nutrients, schedule a consultation with a dietician. 

Do yoga

Exercising is as much a mental state as it is physical. If you want to try something that brings your mental and physical beings closer together, try yoga. 

Its mental health benefits include:

  • Positive thoughts
  • Mental clarity
  • Renewed sense of enthusiasm
  • Improved sleep
  • Less stress  

And because it is low-impact, it is joint-friendly and anyone can do it. Once you add yoga to your routine, you’ll have a different outlook on exercising. 

Check out our Digital Health Hub for more ideas on how to turn your mindset around.

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