Robbie Peters



Robbie’s passion for delivering outstanding results is his motivation to keep each of his sessions interesting and challenging.

With 25 years of personal training experience and 16 years here within the Rialto, he has relaunched RP Performance, a specialised fitness studio for tenants and guests of Rialto Towers, Melbourne. Here, he will continue to provide elite training options to his VIP clients and companies—many of whom have been with him since the beginning.

Robbie has the rare ability to keep his clients engaged, excited, and inspired to reach their full potential by constantly evolving his style and training sessions.

As an ex-professional footballer from the UK, he still has a very keen interest in the game he loves and also owns 2 Soccer Academy franchises.

When not at The Rialto, he loves spending time with his wife and four children.

Kasey Jaegar


Kasey is a highly qualified and experienced personal trainer and dietitian with a passion for helping people develop lifelong healthy eating habits and enjoy exercise.

As a personal trainer of 10 years, Kasey specialises in tailoring workouts to individual needs, helping people recover from injuries and improving fitness levels. Kasey’s approach rejects dieting and instead encourages people to adopt a sustainable approach to their nutrition by eating mindfully.

She can offer nutrition recommendations based on her client’s preferences and special dietary needs. Kasey also has a strong interest in sleep and its impact on wellbeing, recommending ways to improve your nightly rest.

Kasey has a Bachelor of Exercise Science from Australian Catholic University, Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition and a Masters of Dietetics from Deakin University.



Aiste is a highly qualified and experienced group trainer with a passion for movement.

Since 2007, Aiste has studied and trained in a broad range of physical disciplines including Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Group Instruction, and more.  Aiste’s approach to physical training is structured and tailored to individual needs and levels of fitness.

Aiste leads our Abs and A$$ and Booty Burner group classes.

Aiste has a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Studies, Choreography), Diploma in Aerobics, Diploma in Functional Training and Circuit, and a Diploma in Pilates.

Koko Wakako


Koko is our tiny powerhouse that would love to help you enjoy your active life without pain or tiredness. Originally from Japan, Koko moved to Australia in 2016 to pursue her fitness career and has over 10 years of experience working in clinics and sports teams.

She actively participates in many different types of sports. Koko has run the Honolulu Marathon twice, as well as the Tokyo and Melbourne Marathons, has a black belt in Karate and Judo and recently started figure skating.

Koko can work with you to design a stretch or exercise program that will help your body smile again.