7 Ideas for Fitting Exercise Into Your Work Day

7 Ideas for Fitting Exercise Into Your Work Day

Written By Robbie Peters

1 Nov, 2021

Keeping fit is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one. You either find the time in  your busy schedule to exercise and stay physically active, or you don’t. You already know the  mental and physical benefits that exercise delivers. So why aren’t you scheduling exercise on  a regular basis?

Listed below are 7 simple ideas for fitting exercise into your working day. This means even  the busiest business professional has no more excuses for not staying physically active.

1 – Exercise When You Are on the Phone 

Deep knee bends, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, bicep curls – all of these exercises can be  performed when you are stuck on a boring conference call or other work-related phone call.

2 – Exercise on Your Way To and From Work 

Jog or walk to and from your job. Cycle if the distance is too far to walk in a reasonable  amount of time. If you live close to your job, your commute could become your daily  exercise plan.

3 – Look For 5 and 10 Minute Holes in Your Day 

Most workdays are very routine. They are also imperfect. That means that there are several  times throughout the day where you have 5 or 10 minutes when you can be exercising,  instead of playing Candy Crush on Facebook or checking your e-mail for the hundredth time.

4 – Awaken 15 Minutes Earlier Than Usual 

Tomorrow morning, wake up 15 or 20 minutes early. When you walk outside to pick up the  morning paper, add a 15 minute power walk around your neighborhood. You can alternately  use this time to enjoy some body weight training, a couple of sets of sit-ups or push-ups, or  a quick yoga or Pilates session.

5 – Purchase Multiple Dumbbell or Kettlebell Sets 

Many of your workday activities are hands-free thanks to technology. Why not put those  hands to work with a set of dumbbells or Kettlebells ? Keeping a set of dumbbells or Kettlebells at home and even at work ensures that you can grab a quick upper body workout several times throughout the day.

6 – Add Exercise to Your Workday Planner 

Odds are, you probably have a physical or virtual workday calendar. Make exercise a part of  your work schedule. Coupled with tip #3 above, taking the time to add exercise sessions to  your office calendar improves your chances of following through.

7 – Trade Sweets and Processed Foods for Healthy Snacks 

When you get that mid-morning crash, reach for a handful of walnuts or almonds instead of  a sugar-filled, processed snack. Naturally healthy snacks regulate high energy levels  throughout the day. They don’t deliver the crash and burn that sugar does, and don’t cause  you to gain weight, which may make you feel lethargic and not like exercising.

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