9 Week CrossTrain Challenge


The goal of this program is to challenge yourself and raise your standards.  To get to your limits, and break past them.  The challenge is to get better, stronger, faster & fitter over the 3 blocks (9 weeks) of this program.

You can challenge yourself, a ‘fit friend’, or you can host the challenge together in a group.  

This program is geared to ADVANCED fitness levels.  These are intense, high-impact workouts.

Designed for limited space and perfect for home workouts, but it can be taken to the gym as well.

A set of dumbbells is the only fitness equipment required for this program.  Light, medium and heavy!  You will also need some kind of timer (even the stopwatch on your phone will work).

The fit principles we are training in this program are strength, endurance, speed & power – through Cross Training protocols such as AMRAP, AFAP, EMOM, Tabata, 21-15-9, 5x5x5 and more!

This is a 9 week program that follows a 3 week schedule, repeated 3 times.  There is a detailed calendar showing each day’s WOD (workout of the day), as well as tracking sheets to clearly see the progress on the challenge!



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