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Have you got a sec?

We love a great story. And we love to share them too! Especially when it’s a shameless plug for the amazing work we do with our clients because here at RP Performance, we’re all about building a tribe to support our clients on their fitness journey.

With that in mind, we’re after some more great stories from present and past clients to share with our community. For taking part, we’ll give you a free workout via our new app, completely free! All you need to do is either answer the below question prompts in writing, or with a video testimonial (drop into the gym if you’d like us to help you) that you can share with us via WhatsApp or tag us from your Facebook or IG profile.

To find out more, email info@rpperformance.com.au, visit us in the gym or call us on 03 7064 0596.

Here are some prompts for you to use in your story:

What LED you to US:

  • Before joining RP Performance, what were you struggling with?
  • What obstacles were you facing?
  • What was holding you back?
  • What had you tried in the past which hadn’t worked in the way you hoped?

Your JOURNEY with us:

  • How do you feel physically and emotionally now you’ve achieved your goal?
  • How much weight / strength / speed / overall have you gained / lost in total?
  • How long did this process take? 
  • What else have you noticed / felt / achieved as a result of this? Examples:
    • I lost Xkg of weight which meant I could fit back into my favourite outfits
    • I got X% fitter which meant I won my Triathlon

What got you OVER THE LINE with us? Was it something like:

  • Regular check-ins / accountability 
  • The community of other clients working towards the same / similar goals
  • The wealth of exclusive content and resources 
  • Personalised and detailed training / nutrition plans; or even
  • Availability of expert trainers who can help any time you have questions

Your OVERALL vibe:

This is basically your closing remark about whether or not you’d recommend RP Performance to other people who have the same / similar goals / challenges as you did (or still currently do). You could also point people in the direction of booking a call, joining in for a free session or coming down for a walk through the gym if you really wanted to… No Pressure!

Thank you for helping us out. We’re happy when you’re happy and your journey means alot to us so we look foward to hearing and seeing your story.

Just quickly, we should also let you know that, if it’s OK with you, we would like to use your story on our socials and to advertise other products that we’re developing. If you agree, our people (we) will talk to your people (you) about how that all works.


Robbie and the RP Performance Tribe.

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